Elite Left Hand Junior ONLY 50 flex

Woven: 12k
Weight: 375
Kick Point: Mid
Length: 50”
Lie: 6
Grip: Matte

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The Elite series stick is the hard hitters dream. This stick is made for maximum power and explosive one-timers with a mid-kick point and allows for the heaviest of shooters. The Elite stick weighs in at just 375g, comes in a 12k Carbon Fiber design and has a smooth matte finish. The Elite series was one of the first sticks manufactured with the pre-impregnated resin technology. This means the carbon fiber is uniform and more durable creating a much stronger consistent stick.

Junior sticks come 50″ long and in 50 flex. All our sticks are a “True One-Piece” Torey T700 carbon fiber hockey sticks.  This isn’t the easy way to make a hockey stick, it’s the right way! The attention to detail in these sticks requires a new mold for every single curve pattern for both left and right-handed players. The entire stick is created at the same time allowing for better energy transfer to both the player and the puck, creating a better feeling, more powerful and accurate stick. Very few and only the best sticks are made this way!

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Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 55 × 4 × 10 in

Left, Right




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