SniperX Pro Series

The SniperX Pro series is the lightest sticks Haggard Hockey has ever made. This stick is built on the same principals the original Sniper Series sticks were made.  We wanted to build a goal scorers stick the lightest and fastest release possible.  The rounded and textured shaft allows for a better feel and ultimate control while stick handling. The low kick point and the Sharp Taper Hosel has been redesigned to give you an even quicker release along with a better power transfer. A redesigned blade that is stiffer provides better feel and control of the puck while stick handling and shooting. We offer the youth/junior sticks in p92 and p28 curve patterns.  In addition to p92 and p28 we also offer p88 curves for intermediate and adults.

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*All measurements are from toe to butt end of the stick

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