Hockey Sticks

What size stick are you looking for?

Flex Guide

Flex20 25 35 45 60 67 70 77 87 102
Weight (lb)50 6080100 130 145 150 170 185 210+
Floor to Nose (in)48″ 52″52″56″ 62″ 62″ 68″68″68″68″
Stick Shaft Length (in) 42″45″45″50″55″55″60″60″60″60″

The flex guide is suggestions based on weight and height:
Feel should play a big factor in selecting the appropriate stick.  Also, if cutting the stick remember the flex will go up approximately 12 for every 2 inches you cut off.  

Blade Styles

Curve P88 P92 P28
DetailsCurve: Mid Curve: Mid Toe Curve: Toe
Details Face: Slight Open Face: Open Face: Open
DescriptionWrist Shots and Puck HandlingToe Drags and Puck HandlingToe Drags and Top Shelf
P88 CurveP92 CurveP28 Curve