Custom Sticks

Teams & Organizations

Work with our design team to create a one of a kind stick.  Minimum purchase of 40 sticks to do a custom run.  

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Stick Options:

  • Stick Size (Youth, Junior, Intermediate, Adult
  • Flex (25-110)
  • Kick Point (Low, Mid or Hybrid)
  • Curve (we offer about 20+ curve options p88 and p92 being our most common)
  • Hand (Right Hand and Left Hand)
  • Weight (dependent on amount of Carbon Fiber)
  • Pattern (8k, 12k or 18k Carbon Fiber)
  • Blade (Textured and Untextured)
  • Grip (Tack or Matte)
  • Lie(5.5 or 6)
  • Length (std or +/- up to 6”)

Call David at 701-306-2132 or email to discuss your project.