Author: Rael Harris

ice hockey sticks

Comparing the Top Single Piece Ice Hockey Sticks for 2019

Not all ice hockey sticks are made equal.  The top end sticks are made of 100% carbon fiber and are made in a single piece manufacturing process.  Cheaper sticks are made of 40-80% carbon fiber and are made in a two-piece manufacturing process. 

Why should you care how much carbon fiber is in your stick?  Carbon fiber is light and strong and the more carbon fiber they use in the manufacturing process, the lighter the stick.  More importantly, why should you care if your stick is made with a single or two-piece manufacturing process?  There are few companies that manufacture their sticks using the single piece manufacturing process because it is expensive.  The benefit of single piece manufacturing is three-fold.  At the blade you will have better energy transfer to the puck.  Thus, your shot will be harder with less effort.  The second advantage is that you will have better feel for the puck in your hands.  Lastly because of this process the stick is more durable and less likely to break at the throat of the stick. 

Ice hockey sticks have a handful of variables, the main ones being kick point, curve, flex, grip, weight and most important price.  For the most part, top end sticks are manufactured the same and often in the same factories in China or Mexico.  Shaft size and shape is very consistent across all brands.  So, among the top stick manufacturers, there is little difference.  The chart below shows the biggest differences among the top brands of ice hockey sticks is the weight, kick point and price. 

Low Kick Point – Fastest wrist/snap shots

Description Price Weight
Haggard Sniper PRO$189.95 400
Warrior Alpha DX $259.99 395
True AC6.0 HT $259.99 415
CCM Ribcor Trigger $279.99 415
Bauer Vapor FlyLite $299.99 390
Warrior Covert QRE $319.99 360

Mid Kick Point – Great all-around stick

Description Price Weight
Haggard USA PRO$189.95 410
True XCORE XC9 $269.99 425
Nexus 2N Pro $279.99 410
CCM Super Tacks AS1 $279.99 420

High/Hybrid Kick Point – D Men and slapshots

Description Price Weight
CCM JetSpeed FT2 $279.99 417
Bauer Supreme 2S Pro $279.99 415

So, if top end sticks are created equal why are we paying as much as $300 for a stick.  Haggard Hockey is striving to put the best stick in your hands at a reasonable price.